Teaching Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Last year at this time I listed a number of resources for teaching your kids digital citizenship and cyber safety. Our students are using the internet more and more in school, and of course are embroiled it social media and the internet at home.  With cyber-bullying becoming more common place, and bullying tragedies unfortunately too common, it’s important that schools include classroom discussions and lessons on responsible and safe use of the internet and social media.

commonsensemediaIn addition to the resources listed last year (here), another excellent source of a curriculum for teachers to use is the K-12 Digital Literacy & Citizenship Curriculum by Common Sense Media. There are videos walking you through how to use these resources, which include lesson plans, handouts, videos, as well as resources you can have kids use.

Consider spending just a little time in your classroom teaching your students to use computers, smartphones, iPads, and other digital devices safely and responsibly.