We’re all teaching Digital Citizenship to our students, right?

Our students use digital devices every day – or at least most of them do. Smartphones, iPads, and computers are common place, and even in our classrooms iPads, Chromebooks, and computers are being used much more widely as we begin to implement blended learning and on-line learning in our classrooms.

An important aspect of student access to technology – at home or at school – is to educate them about Internet Safely and Bullying. It’s the responsible thing to do, and for schools that receive e-Rate dollars, it’s required.

There are many great resources available on the Internet that we can use with our students, and they are free. Here’s a great blog article that lists many of them and is a great place to begin gathering materials for your Digial Citizenship lessons.




Update on May 9th:  Found this great website with lots or resources:  DigitalCitizenship.net