Internet Search Tips for Students

End of year projects can be challenging for the kids as they look for information on the web – and are overwhelmed by the volume of information and difficulty in finding useful sites.Teaching them how to narrow their searches will help save time, reduce frustration and distraction, and empower them to find relevant information.
Here are some resources that may help you help them:

Here is a pdf file on Tips&Tricks for Web Searches  that you could print for students and/or discuss as a class activity to help them learn searching shortcuts.

Another printable pdf fille called Google Search Ninja is another good handout for students.

Here is a short movie explaining in simple terms how to focus a search.

sweetsearchHave you heard of ?  It’s a search engine for students that filters out a lot of useless sites – it’s worth a try rather than using Google all the time.

How about ?  Students enter the url of the web page where they found info and the citation is created to copy and paste into their document.

I hope you will spend a little time with your class on some of these tips. Having student web searches be more productive is worth it!