STEM and UAV’s

UAV-legoAn exciting way to provide STEM and project-based learning opportunities in your classrom is to include a unit on UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  Using ready to assemble kits you can introduce core STEM topics such as math, programming and engineering fundamentals through building and flying UAV’s (often referred to as  drones).  High Schools can also include  fundamental engineering and prototyping skills such as wood working, carbon fiber mold making, laser cutters, and 3D printers.  Kits are easy enough for elementary students to build while more complex units with GPS capabilities can be constructed by middle or high schools classes.

Step beyond passive learning and encourage your students to actively invent and build solutions to challenging problems, test hypotheses through hands-on experimentation, and to develop critical inquiry, analysis, technical, and motor skills.

There are many sources of information and UAV kits available online:

  • For kits, check out Hoverlabs, an Oregon company with a focus on education.
  • For general information on UAV’s you can go to DIY Drones