iPads – It’s all about the Activity!

We all know that the key in using technology in the classroom is to use it to enhance student learning and provide opportunities for students to creatively express what they have learned.  Since the value of an app is in it’s application to learning, how can we find apps that match our learning objectives?  Here are two sites that may help you.

apptivitiesApptivities.org has a  list of activities – and the apps you can use – to get you started in the right direction.



edtechteacherThe EdTechTeacher.org site has a page where you can search by the kind of activity – and even device – not limiting you to the iPad.

Animate your lessons with Stop Motion Video on your iPad

Lego MovieTurn your students into budding animators! There are a variety of easy to use animation apps, some of which are free, to capture and stitch together photos of characters and objects into seamless, fluent animated movies. Best of all, the process of designing, scripting and staging animations has tremendous educational potential, and can be a wonderful mix of art, science, history, language arts, and even math. Using these iPad apps, and materials such as clay, Lego’s, drawings, or toy figures, students can create short animated sequences illustrating or teaching a concept – all while involving student teams in collaborative discussion, collective imagination and creativity, problem solving, critical analysis and a lot of teamwork. Students will be completely engaged while you observe learning outcomes that they are not even aware of!
Here’s a few apps you can take a look at:

LEGO Movie Maker –  Free  (my favorite – can add sound effects, music overlay, and voice overlay, and save to photoroll)
Animate it 2.99
iStopmotion  9.99
StopMotion  Free
Stop Motion Studio  Free (has in-app purchases)
Stop Motion Recorder  .99
sMovie  6.99
Ostanovca   Free
Stop Motion Café  Free
Osnap  2.99  (Lite version is free)
MyCreate  4.99 (Lite version is free)

Find Free Apps for your iPad

smartappsforkidsIf you use and iPad and haven’t signed up yet for SmartAppsForKids, you might want to check here: http://www.smartappsforkids.com/Every day is has a list of “Featured Free and Reduced Apps of the Day” where you can see a list of apps that the developers are offering for Free – on that day only. This site tends to be focused on Pre-K and Elementary level apps, yet does have a very extensive listing with numerous categories to help narrow your search.

iPad apps for students with Reading and Writing Challenges

Reading and Writing are at the core of many learners challenges.  The UDL (Universal Design for Learning) web site has a review of 25 apps that teachers can use with students. Check out ‘Readability’ (free) , ‘Book Creator’ ($4.99), and ‘Tools4Students’ (.99)

iOS Apps that Support Learners who Find Reading and/or Writing Challenging

Looking for K-5 iPad apps ?

I keep finding great resources out on the web where educators are lists iPad apps for a variety of subjects or purposes.  “K-5 iPad Apps According to Bloom’s Taxonomy” is a blog post on Edutopia.  Diane Darrow not only lists some great apps, but also reviews them from the classroom perspective.  She also provides a set of question to ask yourself when looking for apps in each of the 6 stages of Bloom’s taxonomy.


A Crowd Sourced Google Doc for Educational Apps

I just discovered a GOOGLE DOC that tabulates educational apps, their functionality AND their numerous applications in the classroom.

This document has the SHARE settings to allow all who have the link the ability to edit it –  so other teachers can add their ideas – so everyone has access to the BEST edu-list of current apps and classroom tips for integration. Great idea!

Take a look at the list – and add your favorite apps that you use in the classroom with examples of teaching strategies . . . and to share it with your colleagues!

Here is the link

This document was created by Monique Dalli (@1moniqued)

Free interactive iBooks from NASA

NASA has released two free interactive iBooks for iPads: The Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope: http://hubblesite.org/ibooks/


Looking for iPad apps?

Finding good educational apps can be challenging. Browsing through the iTunes store is mind boggling, and not very productive.  I discovered a site that is created by two teachers – Jayne Clare, a Special Education teacher, and Anne Rachel, an artist and Early Childhood educator. Their site has detailed and meaningful reviews and can be searched by grade level and subject.  This is one of the better sites I’ve seen for finding apps that are worth downloading.