Student Assessment using Mobile Technology

I’ve mentioned Socrative as a great online assessment tool. It’s free and allow students to use their own internet enabled device, such as a smart phone or iPad, in the classroom to answer formative assessments. Of course you could use computers or other school devices such as iPads or Chromebooks.

Another site that I just reviewed is , and I think I like this one even infuselearningmore!  It’s also easy to use yet has some features that Socrative does not have. It has a Draw Response where you can have an image/picture displayed on the student screen on which they draw or otherwise annotate. Students could label maps or diagrams, for example. You can also have a Sorting question where students sort a list – something not possible in Socrative.  You can also see the results of your assessment live, without having to download the results, and can see what each student has answered for each question. This is a great online tool and for using in the classroom.