Ed Tech Support

Pulaski ipad Ken Westphal

Requesting support from your ESD Educational Technology Department is easy.
What form that support takes depends on what best meets your needs.

1. Small group support. A small group could be a grade level team, PLC, or teachers who have similar
objectives around instructional technology support.

2. Co-Teaching.  Co-teaching to support your learning would involve my working beside you during classroom instruction with students. By teaching side-by-side , you and your students have the opportunity to learn a new tool, strategy or concept with support at your side.

3.  Personal Coach.  Do you have a specific technology tool or web site that you would like to bring into your daily teaching? We can look at your instructional goals and explore  possible applications of your available technology to meet those goals.

How do I make a request for support?
Email your request to steve.prull@hdesd.org
Please include the following information:
– Your Name
– Your School
– Your Grade Level and or content area
– Kind of support (Small group, Co-Teaching,
– What do you want to learn or do?
– Possible meeting date/s and time/s