Using the iPad / iPod in the Classroom

The iPad is finding it’s way into many classrooms, yet, like any technology tool, it’s important that we us it in ways that enhance our instruction and student learning.
Ask yourself these 4 Questions before selecting an app for student use:

1. What will the child learn from using the app?
2. Does the app offer the student opportunities to practice a skill needed in school?
3. Does the app encourage a child to transfer that learning into the real world?
4. Will the app encourage conversation and collaboration?

Finding Apps
Looking for apps that are educationally sound is not easy with the tens of thousands of apps available.  There are web sites that can help. Here are a few made for teachers – by teachers:

 Curriculum Alignment and
Higher Order Thinking Skills
How can we use the iPad for more than just ‘drill and kill’ apps – which don’t offer much more than memorization or perhaps practice on basic skills.  Are there apps available that can help students demonstrate their learning – creating content rather than consuming content – and are aligned with the higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy?Here are a few helpful resources for developing higher order thinking skills using iPads: