Display your iPad screen using your projector

Update: Feb 24,2014
While using Reflector in schools over the past 4 months we’ve seen connectivity problems. The ipad will sometimes loose connection with the computer, causing a disruption in the lesson being taught.  We’re now testing AirServer, which has a setting for ‘slow networks’, and is very similar to Reflector.  The cost is $11.99 and comes with 3 licenses, so you can have it on more than one classroom computer – nice! As we have more experience with this product I’ll post updates….

A program called Reflector is a useful application that allows you to mirror your iPad 2 , Retina Display iPad (Gen 4),  iPhone 4s  or the iPad Mini, to your desktop using AirPlay mirroring on either a Mac or a Windows machine. This application is installed on your desktop or laptop.  The cost is $14.99.

With our computer hooked up to the LCD projector or whiteboard projector the typical way, and using the Reflector app, the iPad can wirelessly project onto the computer screen and thus shown on the big screen!

Reflector can also record what you are displaying, allowing you to save and post on the web the lesson you demonstrated. Great for posting tutorials on your web site!

Here is a short demo I created so you can see it in action