iPads and ELL

The iPad and iPod offer great promise for English Language Learners. Here’s a quote I find to be very insightful – and reminds us to focus on the student’s learning objectives even when technology is presenting itself as as fun and engaging:

“Before selecting an app for use with students, educators must first identify the   instructional goals and objectives of the lesson, not the other way around.  Instead of discovering a fun or exciting app and trying to build a lesson around the app, take a lesson that has proven to be successful and find apps that can be integrated into the lesson to scaffold the content, differentiate the instruction and enhance the outcome.”
Source: ESLTechies.com

Here’s an insightful and thought provoking article on using the iPad with ELL’s.  This is a must read!

Looking for apps that you might use with your ELL students? Check out these resources. At the same time, don’t forget the apps that students can use to create and demonstrate their understanding.